“Our Certifications”


This regulation seeks to mitigate the environmental and social risks caused by agricultural activities through a process that encourages continuous improvement. The standard is based on the issues of environmental feasibility, social equity and economic viability..


CAFÉSCOR is an alternative to coffee production under organic certification, which involves quality production systems aimed at promoting and increasing the health of agro-ecosystems.


Fairtrade is a strategy for the reduction of poverty and the promotion of sustainable development through a more equitable trade that seeks to make changes in the conventional trading system.


The UTZ CERTIFIED Code of Conduct is a set of internationally recognized criteria, the standard is based on four blocks oriented to sustainable agriculture.

We encourage gender equity, that is why we are also with the initiative to work with the separation of the coffees produced by women taking into account the regulations of the Stamp With the Hands of a Woman.

Our production areas are habitat for many species, that is why we implement the regulations that regulate the care of birds, developing procedures that have allowed the release of birds in captivity.

Noticias y Eventos

Expectation for the coming months, coffee producers in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was never thought that our production and also our commercialization was facing a problem of this magnitude, which is not only in our country but worldwide. There is no doubt that the economic [...]

April 20th, 2020|

Delivery of economic donation, 200 Families for Emergency COVID-19.

On Friday, April 10, an economic donation was made to 200 low-income families, this was done in coordination with the Corquín Copán Lions Club, on behalf of CAFESCOR we made this decision considering that [...]

April 11th, 2020|