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Elias Perdomo Vásquez
Elias Perdomo VásquezProducer
Since I was a child, I observed how my father produced coffee, and my brothers and I supported him in what we could, nowadays I follow my own plantation and the experience in this activity is very phenomenal and becomes better when they apply good practices.
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Herminio Perdomo Romero
Herminio Perdomo RomeroProducer
He was professionally trained in agricultural sciences, currently provides technical assistance to his own coffee plantations and at the family level he supports his parents and sisters, besides these activities he is general manager of Cafés Especiales Corquín, which also allows him to be a fundamental support for Partners of this company.
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Herminio Perdomo
Herminio Perdomo Producer
He cultivated for many years, his first lots were made with his father Mr. Froilan, since then he transmitted this spirit of coffee grower to his children, which make up a family unit for the activity of coffee.
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Iris Lorena Perdomo Romero
Iris Lorena Perdomo RomeroProducer
Produced at the family level along with his brothers and their parents, the land is an inheritance assigned by his father father Herminio Perdomo. At the moment it manages its patrimony and also collaborates with the other estates of the family.
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Jacobo Enrique Villeda Lara
Jacobo Enrique Villeda LaraProducer
With a lot of effort, he has grown coffee since he was a young man. He currently owns the farm the Eucaliptos, which he acquired in 2012. He is also a member of the board of directors of Cafés Especiales Corquín.
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Joel Antonio Lopez Villeda
Joel Antonio Lopez VilledaProducer
He acquired his lands by inheritance, and is the fourth generation that has worked in it since his father inherited it from his grandfather and his son from his great-grandfather. At the moment is president of Special Coffees Corquín its main philosophy is to raise awareness to improve the processes of coffee preparation.
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Lesly Marisol Villeda Tabora
Lesly Marisol Villeda TaboraProducer
Born in a coffee-growing family in the town of Corquín Copán, she currently owns a farm lot called Los Lesquines No. 3, for purposes of maintenance, she receives support from her husband who has a well-known history in coffee cultivation.
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