On Friday, April 10, an economic donation was made to 200 low-income families, this was done in coordination with the Corquín Copán Lions Club, on behalf of CAFESCOR we made this decision considering that the families have received groceries, from the government and other commodity organizations but nevertheless some cash could be used for any emergency both for medications and other necessary household expenses.

At CAFESCOR we understand the problems both in the country and worldwide that we are experiencing and we ask the population of Corquin to stay at home, to leave only if necessary, either for work reasons or for food and medicine supplies.

We also take the opportunity to ask the local authorities for understanding, as this harvest is our second year as exporters and we have a lot of commitment to fulfill at the international level by exporting the coffee of many families producing Corquin and also from areas of the neighboring departments Ocotepeque and Lempira. That said, for the entire CAFESCOR team, it is very difficult to stop our operation, considering also that this is a fundamental economic pillar in our beloved town, which will allow us to continue supporting activities in the context of the crisis that will come with the COVID 19 pandemic, Well, we understand that this is just beginning.

On behalf of the entire CAFESCOR team, we commit ourselves to continue with our export operation, complying with biosafety measures as required by our authorization (safe-conduct) issued by SINAGER.

We share our official message for donation.

Let’s avoid falling into despair and keep optimism, always remembering that being alive requires a much greater effort than just breathing, and this can be achieved by staying at home.