It was never thought that our production and also our commercialization was facing a problem of this magnitude, which is not only in our country but worldwide. There is no doubt that the economic consequences will be strong and we ask ourselves every day what tomorrow will be like, and we also wonder when such a nightmare will end.

We believe that the time has come to reflect as producers on everything that makes us vulnerable and to focus a little on the way we produce. A few years ago we have talked a lot about the issue of diversification and if we analyze at this time this practice could be a fundamental pillar when submitting to an absolute quarantine as it is happening, having said that our lesson is that monoculture is not a good agricultural practice Because everything depends on a single income and makes us feel stuck and anxious when we cannot go to the supermarket because of the curfew.

On behalf of the entire CAFESCOR team, we thank God in the first instance that the pandemic did not arrive at the time of harvesting, otherwise the losses would be exponential considering that the cutters could not have done the harvesting activity normally, Similarly, we are happy and we do everything possible to export all the collected coffee, we know that it is not easy due to the state of emergency, but nevertheless we feel committed to our producing partners and also with our clients because we must ensure that our coffee reaches its destination regardless of the circumstances

We have seen much despair in the residents of our beloved Corquín and throughout our country and it is good to feel fear considering the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing worldwide, but we consider that this crisis is going to end therefore it is necessary to think in other productive activities, dedicating our energies to the diversity of crops, if we focus on other incomes the economy of our homes will improve and we also avoid buying those foods because we already have them at home. May this quarantine time make us reflect and look beyond producing coffee.