We have at our producers’ disposal the benefit of wet process with a capacity of 10,000 pounds of cherry coffee per hour, it is divided into 2 modules, in one coffee is processed with certification seals and the second module is for conventional coffees. The process is always supervised by our technical staff, who is trained to give a quick solution to any problem in the wet processing line.

Our purpose with this service is that the producer prepares his coffee in clean conditions and adequate health measures, so that his product is of the best quality, complying with the national and international standard.

The process of dry processing is also part of our service, which is complementary to the process of wet processing, producers have the possibility to dry their coffee after they receive it in the wet state. All the producers who have membership with our organization have the following options for the drying process of their coffee.

  • Coffee drying in shakers and solar dryers

  • Pre-wired in patio

  • Mechanical dryer type guardiola.

  • Vertical mechanical dryer.

The type of drying is chosen according to the quality that needs to be obtained in the final stage, however this is a decision that the same producer takes from the moment of the harvest in the coffee plant.

We provide pre-harvest financing to our partners (as) suppliers, so they can give timely maintenance to their farms, according to the needs raised by them. The main objective of this initiative is to help the producer in maintenance seasons, since at this time the income is lower than what the producer has access to during the harvest season.

Since we are an association of small producers we offer a relatively small interest, in comparison with the local financial ones. We feel committed to each of our partners looking for new ways to develop projects that encourage the continuous improvement of agricultural practices.


CAFESCOR provides technical assistance with qualified personnel in the certification processes to its producers in the municipalities of Corquin Copan, San Pedro Copan, La Union Copán and Belen Gualcho in the department of Ocotepeque located in western Honduras. The areas with coffee cultivation are from 1100 to 1700 meters above sea level, growing coffee varieties Bourbom, Caturra, Catuai yellow, Red Catuai, IHCAFE 90 and lempira.

Cafesor, has been implementing the certification processes of farms since 2011, at that time being a small group of 10 producers certifying coffee with the Rainforest Alliance seal. With this, the improvement of coffee quality began, implementing good agricultural practices and improving coffee processing.

The company currently manages 4 environmental certification seals such as: Fairtrade International, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Certified and Organic. In this project of certification of farms directly benefit about 360 people and indirectly about 8000 people. With these socio-environmental stamps, 396.39 hectares have been certified with an estimated production of 17384.62 quintals of exportable gold, involving 45 small coffee producers, complying with the social and environmental criteria of the different certification regulations.

Entry requirements to the farm certification program.

  • Be a coffee producer and interested in participating in the agricultural certification program.

  • Card of the Honduran Coffee Institute (IHCAFE)

  • Have a personal identity

  • RTN numeric.