Control point 1

Wet procces-Wet Mill machines

Two processing modules with a capacity of 30,000 pounds of coffee cherries per hour. This point is the most important because humidity can cause defects in the grain, however with our stainless steel machinery we minimize this risk.

Control point 2

Dry process - Drying machinery.

We have a drying plant with a capacity of 1100 qq for 35 hour cycles in mechanical dryers. The coffee from geo-referenced farms goes to our special coffee unit where we have a dryer with capacity for 600 qq for each cycle.

Control point 3

QA-Quality control laboratory

Samples from each batch arrive for their respective analysis after the drying process has finished. Here in the laboratory the coffee is tasted for storage, pre-shipment and at the time of departure of a container to the port.

Control point 3


After the quality control we can make an analysis of the coffee that we will send to the export plant where it is tasted before entry and after a complete batch has been prepared.

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